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The ZENbrowser is a server-based virtual slide database for collaboration and sharing. Slides are imported quickly and can then be viewed across the institute or worldwide without delay. It’s based on web technology, so a wide range of clients can view the images, including Apple Macintosh workstations, iPad devices, Unix machines and smartphones. Metadata from the images or lab management software is imported and can be used for custom table and virtual slide gallery views. Designed to make data and virtual microscopy images accessible to a wider audience, the ZENbrowser system offers a project-based, web-centric database that allows integrated web viewing to enable easier online publishing, peer reviews, consultation and training. In addition to the web interface, a free ZENbrowser app for iOS lets users access their servers and virtual slides databases. Both, the App and the Web UI, support simple, collaborative annotations on the images. Besides storing CZI images, the server can handle other common image formats and office documents. It includes a simple document version management.

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